The All-Encompassing, Utterly Massive, Somewhat Ridiculous Illinois Geographical Society
75th Anniversary Meeting Commemorative Coin


In celebration of the 75th meeting of the Illinois Geographical Society, IGS is conducting a photographic celebration of our state in the form of a scavenger hunt. We hope you (and your friends and family) will help us cover the state and photograph all that is wonderful and wacky in the Prairie State.

The Challenge: Photograph the IGS 75th Meeting Commemorative Coin with each of the items listed in the following pages. Yes, there are a lot (7,429 in total) and it’s not expected that one person is able to capture all of the places but if enough of us participate, we’ll be able to cover a lot!

Prizes will be awarded at the 2016 meeting to be held on Chicago's North Shore to those who have scored the highest. The competition is open to teams as well as individuals!

There’s something for everyone... physical features, cultural features and more! Every part of the state is covered!

The Points: One point will be awarded for each of the items listed in the following pages. Yes, some items appear in multiple categories so it’s possible to earn multiple points for a single feature! Bonus points will be awarded for special achievements. Examples of bonus points include a photo from each of the categories or photos for all items in a category. Bonuses will be posted on the IGS web site ( and the IGS Facebook page make sure you check these locations (and “Like” the Facebook page, while you are at it).

The list, while extensive, is not all-inclusive. If you come across something noteworthy, send it in anyway – we’ll add it to the list (additions will be posted online as well).

The Rules: There aren’t many. This is supposed to be fun!

1. The coin must be included in the photo!
2. When submitting a photo that does not include a sign, identify what the photo is (either by changing the file name of the photo or including a caption in the email).
3. Email your photos to

Where do you get a coin? If you do not have a coin, contact Len Ealey at:

Illinois Geographical Society
C/o Len Ealey
24841 Emanuel Lane
Tremont, IL 61568

The coins are $10 each and checks should be made out to Illinois Geographical Society.

With the exception of some features such as rivers and roads that extend across multiple counties, all features listed herein are organized by county. Web sites have also been included where available. For a complete list of items, please click here: photo contest details