Recipients of the Illinois Geographical Society’s Distinguished Geographer Award

1970 - present

1970: Herbert Gross (Concordia Teachers College)
1971: Robert E. Gabler (Western Illinois University)
1972: Mary M. Colby (U. of Ill., Chicago)
1973: Alden Cutshall (U. of Ill., Chicago)
1974: Mildred I. Finney (U. of Ill., Chicago)
1975: Reece A. Jones (Western Illinois University)
1976: Dalias A. Price (Eastern Illinois University)
1977: Evelynne M. Berg (Morton College)
1978: Martin Reinemann (Northern Illinois University)
1979: B. Ross Guest (Northern Illinois University)
1980: Ronald E. Nelson (Western Illinois University)
1981: Annemarie Krause (SIU-Carbondale)
1982: Elizabeth Eiselen (Oak Park, IL)
1983: Richard Houk (DePaul University)
1984: James W. Vining (Western Illinois University)
1985: Joan Longmire (District U-46, Elgin)
1986: Fred Lampe (SIU-Edwardsville)
1987: James E. Patterson (Illinois State University)
1988: Norman C. Bettis (Illinois State University)
1989: Michael D. Sublett (Illinois State University)
1990: Albert J. Larson (U. of Ill., Chicago)
1991: Arlin Fentem (Western Illinois University)
1992: Fred H. Walk (Normal Community High School)
1993: A. Richard Longwell (Western Illinois University)
1994: Edward B. Espenshade, Jr. (Northwestern University)
1995: R. Lynn Bradley (Belleville Area College)
1996: Charles E. Womack (Lake Land College)
1997: Jill Freund Thomas (Illinois State University)
1998: Leonard L. Hodgman (Joliet Junior College)
1999: Roger J. Liska (Stagg High School)
2000: Robert M. Ashley (Red Bud High School)
2001: Fred Willman (Kennedy Junior High School)
2002: Glen & Linda Weatherwax (Sterling Schools)
2003: Judy Bock (Palombi Middle School)
2004: Norman T. Moline (Augustana College)
2005: Mary Ann Hanlin (Elmwood Elementary School)
2006: Terry Harshbarger (Parkland College)
2007: David L. Schein (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
2008: Noel Stirrat (College of Lake County)
2009: Keith Sculle (Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency)
2010: James F. Marran (New Trier High School)
2011: Michael W. Cornebise (Eastern Illinois University)
2012: Christopher Sutton (Western Illinois University)
2013: Leonard Ealey (Pekin School District 108)
2014: Ani Thompson Smith (Elgin Unit District 46)
2015: Susan Holderread (New Trier High School)