The Illinois Geographical Society (IGS) is making available research grants of up to $500 each. Please read the qualifications and guidelines below. If you wish to apply, complete the form and send it and a copy of your one-page resume/vita (by 15 September) to

Susan Holderread

Illinois Geographical Society

c/o New Trier High School

385 Winnetka Avenue

Winnetka, IL 60093






1)        You must present your research orally at the next IGS annual meeting after you receive your grant. The IGS will waive annual meeting registration fees to grant recipients. In addition to your presentation, you must provide a one-page (at least 500 words) summary of your research project to the IGS Central Office Director for the Society‚Äôs permanent records.

2)        At the time of your meeting presentation, you must be a member of IGS.


1)        Prepare a proposal for your research grant using the form that appears at the end of this document. The research must be clearly geographical in nature, but it does not have to deal with an Illinois topic.


2)        The review committee, which the President of the Society names, will analyze your proposal individually and then confer. If your proposal is acceptable, the committee will determine what dollar amount that members are willing to award (up to $500). Priority will go to those who have not previously received this grant.

3)        The IGS Central Office Director will advise you of the decision. If the decision is positive, the Director will mail you an acceptance form for your signature. Upon receipt of your signed acceptance form at the Central Office, the Director will notify the Treasurer, who will mail you a check in the amount of 75 percent of the total approved award. The additional 25 percent will come to you after your presentation at the IGS Annual Meeting and receipt by the Central Office Director of your one-page project summary. IGS does not support indirect costs. If you are not a member of IGS at the time of the research presentation, the Treasurer will deduct the cost of annual membership from the final 25 percent of the grant; and you will be a member in good standing for the next 12 months.

4)        In addition to waiving the registration fee for you at the meeting during which you make your research presentation, IGS will designate you in the program as an IGS RESEARCH SCHOLAR and provide name-tag recognition of your status.

5)        Research funds are for research and not to cover travel costs associated with attendance at the IGS annual meeting.

6)        If you have questions about the grant program, feel free to contact Dr. Michael Cornebise at 217-581-5400 or He is a member of the review committee for 2015-2016.

 Full application materials are available here.